Access Bars

Freedom womanWhat is Access Bars?

Access Bars is an energy tool from Access Consciousness®. The Bars are 32 points on your head where you have stored all the beliefs, thoughts images, emotions, and attitudes that have importance to you from your life experiences.

Many of those beliefs, attitudes, considerations serve you and unfortunately many of them no longer are helpful. It is so important to understand that many if not most of our ideas about life and how the world work were imposed upon us by other people. For example about 97% of people that practice religion as adults have the same beliefs they were raised with, that isn’t a bad thing it just shows the power of messages we received as children. So  if you were raised by healthy functional people great, if not, well you get the picture, right?  If you were raised in a loving supportive family, you likely have some really supportive beliefs and positive views of the world, if the people that raised you were unhealthy, abusive, unavailable your view of the world will be very different and maybe not so positive.

Running your bars is like hitting the delete button on the negative thoughts you are holding. According to the beliefs of the founders of Access, the Bars are the hard drive of your computer bank so to speak. When you run your bars, the things that are stuck in that bank that keep it bogged down or not running efficiently are deleted and no longer come up.

The first time I had my bars run I felt much lighter and relaxed. I didn’t have any amamzing inights or have my life completely change, but something definitely happened and I knew that I wanted to learn to do this and use it in my practice. So I offer Access Bars as one of the tools to help let go of the limiting beliefs that keep us in self sabotage. It goes back to the idea of the wrongness of you. When we stay stuck in addictive behaviors, it just keeps us in that place of not being good enough, I feel like running Bars is a tool to start to let go of some of those thought, images, beliefs that are part of the foundation of I am not enough. We are all enough, we are all deserving.

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