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The Tapping Solution

The great thing about tapping is that it is something you can do easily on your own. With that said most people starting out using EFT feel like they are not saying the right thing or that they might be doing it wrong. Just to put you at ease, you can’t do it wrong, but you will likely see better results and become more effective the more you use it. S0 it’s is sometimes helpful to utilize resources that you can find, a program or a book until you feel totally comfortable doing it on your own.

There are so many programs out there and so many practitioners have taken Tapping and added their own spin. One that I feel has kept true to the Gary Craig Method, which is the initial way I was introduced to it is The Tapping Solution. Each year Nick and Jessica Ortner run a Tapping World Summit that introduces you to how to tap and how to use tapping on just about any issue. So I feel like it is a great place to start.

You can also click here : The Tapping Solution to see some videos on tapping and check out their book and get some free resources.


EFT Resource

So if you are like me when you find something new you must immediately get more information. That might include online resources, a trip to the library, or a browse on Amazon. I’ve listed a few books that I feel really are good resources for learning more about some of the processes I am using in my coaching program.

The first is a book on Emotional Freedom Techniques, this is one of my favorites, he gives the basics and several different ways to use tapping in your life.  

Heal Yourself with Emotional Freedom Technique: Teach Yourself

This is an e-book that sells for $6.99 and has a review rating of 4.2.


Recovery Skills

This next item is a workbook that has some amazing tools in it. It is designed for use by coaches, individuals, recovery centers, and family members. It is full of information about addiction and exercises to help move forward into your life leaving your addiction behind. Some of the exercises are typical treatment exercises like a Wheel of Life balance exercise,  and a Goodbye Letter to your addiction, but Dr. Estes also looks at things like creating a Vision Board, there is a chapter on ways to boost serotonin which is so important because as you get off your substance of choice there tends to be a period of depression and mood swings. She not only looks at the different aspects of recovery but she includes some basic life skills exercises like budgeting. It can be a valuable resource for anyone in recovery or who works in the field of recovery. Like any resource though it only helps if you use it, this is where working with a therapist or coach can be really helpful, to help maintain motivation and focus.

The paperback sells for $44.99, the e-book sells for $39.99 and it has a 4.4 rating on Amazon.

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