What Is Recovery Coaching

Recovery Coaching like most coaching is about accountability and support. It involves determining goals and developing strategies for creating positive change in your life. My journey into health and healing has been a work in progress over the past 25 years. I have spent literally thousands of dollars on programs and processes, anything that I thought might help me to understand why I kept engaging in behaviors that did not fit with the type of person I wanted to be, or the kind of life I wanted to live. My goal is to help others create a less painful path towards health and healing than the one I took. Things started to really change for me when I found some of the alternative therapies that I use with clients now.  Change did not occur overnight but a little water lilymore ease started to happen and more acceptance of the whole of me came about.

There is no magic bullet, there might be Aha Moments along the way that create paradigm shifts, but more likely the changes that happens will be subtle. Change will happen as you start to feel supported, start to accept who you are, and take responsibility for your life. One of the things that I found was the biggest trigger was resentment and blame placed on others, taking personal responsibility for everything in my life created the biggest shift for me.

In this Recovery Coaching Program I will introduce you to Mindfulness and Cognitive Behavioral Techniques, Energy Therapy Techniques, and Body Processes during Coaching Sessions. Sessions include exercises around topics like identifying Values, creating life balance, developing more resilience and letting go of stress. Together we will identify next steps and clear limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck . You get to pick and choose what you do with your sessions. The program offers 8 sessions a Red field of flowersmonth so you have lots of support.  I encourage using at least 4 of the sessions for coaching which generally includes some work using Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), and the other 4 can be used with one of the other processes I offer. The choice is yours, this is your program, I know what worked for me but I don’t believe there is a one size fits all program so I encourage you to take responsibility and utilize my services to develop a program that works for you.